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Job Description

The Registrar will oversee the development and implementation of policies and procedures related to student registration, course scheduling, and academic record-keeping. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in higher education administration, excellent organizational skills, and a commitment to student service.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Student Records Management:
    • Maintain accurate and secure academic records for all current and former students.
    • Ensure the integrity and confidentiality of student information.
    • Manage the transfer of student records to other institutions as needed.
  2. Registration and Enrollment:
    • Oversee the student registration process for each academic term.
    • Develop and implement efficient registration procedures.
    • Monitor enrollment data and provide reports to the administration.
  3. Course Scheduling:
    • Coordinate the development of the academic schedule in collaboration with academic departments.
    • Ensure course offerings meet the needs of students and comply with institutional policies.
  4. Policy Development and Implementation:
    • Develop, implement, and enforce policies and procedures related to academic records, registration, and graduation.
    • Ensure compliance with institutional, state, and federal regulations.
  5. Graduation and Degree Conferral:
    • Manage the graduation application process and verify eligibility for graduation.
    • Oversee the production and distribution of diplomas and transcripts.
  6. Student Services:
    • Provide excellent customer service to students, faculty, and staff regarding academic policies and procedures.
    • Assist students with issues related to registration, records, and graduation.
  7. Technology and Systems Management:
    • Oversee the maintenance and enhancement of student information systems.
    • Collaborate with IT staff to ensure the effective use of technology in registration and record-keeping.
  8. Reporting and Data Analysis:
    • Prepare and analyze data related to enrollment, retention, and graduation rates.
    • Provide regular reports to senior administration and external agencies as required.