Cabin Crew

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Job Description

You will be responsible for delivering high-quality service, addressing passenger needs, and handling any in-flight situations with professionalism and calmness.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Safety and Security:
    • Conduct pre-flight safety checks and ensure the aircraft is secure before takeoff.
    • Provide passengers with safety information and demonstrate the use of emergency equipment.
    • Respond to and manage emergency situations such as medical incidents or aircraft evacuations.
  • Customer Service:
    • Greet passengers as they board and assist with seating arrangements.
    • Provide exceptional service throughout the flight, including serving meals and beverages.
    • Address passenger inquiries and concerns with professionalism and courtesy.
    • Assist passengers with special needs, including unaccompanied minors and individuals with disabilities.
  • In-Flight Duties:
    • Ensure the cabin is clean and well-stocked with necessary supplies.
    • Monitor and maintain cabin systems, including lighting and temperature controls.
    • Coordinate with the flight crew to ensure smooth operations and communication.
  • Post-Flight Duties:
    • Assist with passenger disembarkation.
    • Perform post-flight checks to ensure all equipment is accounted for and the cabin is ready for the next flight.
    • Complete necessary documentation and reports related to flight activities.


  • Education:
    • High school diploma or equivalent; additional certifications in hospitality or customer service are a plus.
  • Experience:
    • Previous experience in customer service, hospitality, or aviation is preferred.
  • Skills and Abilities:
    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
    • Ability to remain calm and professional in stressful situations.
    • Excellent problem-solving abilities and attention to detail.
    • Physical fitness and ability to perform safety-related duties.
    • Proficiency in multiple languages is an advantage.
  • Certifications:
    • Valid passport with no travel restrictions.
    • Current first aid certification or willingness to obtain it.
    • Ability to pass a background check and medical examination.

Personal Attributes:

  • Positive attitude and enthusiasm for customer service.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to a dynamic work environment.
  • Team player with a strong sense of responsibility.
  • Professional appearance and demeanor.

Working Conditions:

  • Variable hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • Long periods of standing and physical activity.
  • Travel to various destinations, with possible layovers.